How to Add and Create Playlists on A Complete Guide

How to Add and Create Playlists on A Complete Guide

Are you an entertainment fan trying to gather your favorite films and channels in one place? offers a terrific function that helps you build and add playlists, making your viewing experience more fluid and entertaining. In this article, we'll walk you through the process of adding playlists to and even teach you how to make playlists for YouTube videos on your TV.

How to Add and Create Playlists on A Step-by-Step Guide
 How to Add Playlists on A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add a Playlist on

Adding a playlist to is a breeze. Following is a step-by-step description of the procedure:

Visit Start by opening your favourite web browser and browsing to

Log in or Sign Up: Log in or Register: If you have an already account, log in using your login. it's a short and straightforward procedure.

Explore Content: Browse through the vast films and channels available on Identify the items you wish to add to your playlist.

Create a Playlist: Once you've discovered a video or channel you wish to include, locate the "Add to Playlist" button. Click on it.

Name Your Playlist: A pop-up window will open, allowing you to name your playlist. Choose a descriptive name that expresses the concept or substance of the playlist.

Add Description (Optional): You may also include a quick description to your playlist, outlining what visitors might expect to discover in it.

Save Your Playlist: After naming and describing your playlist, click the "Save" button. The selected video or channel will be part of your freshly made playlist.

View Your Playlist: To view your playlist, click to the "Playlists" area of your account. Here, you'll discover all the playlists you've created.

How to Create a YouTube Playlist on Your TV

Creating a YouTube playlist on your TV with is a fantastic way to curate material for a personalised viewing experience. Follow these steps:

Connect Your TV: Make sure your TV is linked to the internet and has access to the website.

Navigate to YouTube: Within the interface, discover and pick the YouTube app

Log in to Your YouTube Account:If asked, log in to your YouTube account using your credentials.

Search for Content: Use the search option to find the videos or channels you want to add to your playlist.

Add to Playlist: When you've identified a video you'd want to include, select it and seek for the "Add to Playlist" option. Choose an existing playlist or build a new one directly from your TV.

Organize Your Playlist: Arrange the videos in the order you wish. You may use the TV remote to navigate your playlist and customize.

Save Your Playlist: Once your playlist is arranged, save your modifications. Your account will sync with your YouTube account, ensuring your playlist is available across devices.

How to Save a YouTube Playlist

Saving a YouTube playlist means you may simply retrieve it later without looking for individual videos. Here's how:

Access the Playlist: Whether you've created the playlist on or directly on YouTube, look to the playlist you wish to save.

Click "Save": Look for the "Save" button underneath the playlist's title. Clicking this button saves the music to your account for easy access.

View Saved Playlists: Go to the "Library" part of your YouTube account to view your saved videos. Here, you'll discover all the playlists you've saved.

With three simple steps, you can easily build, add, and store playlists on, improving your entertainment experience and keeping your best material organized and available.


In conclusion, offers a user-friendly method to organize your video material by allowing you to make sets that fit your tastes. Whether using your computer or TV, adding and making sets is quick and satisfying. So enter into the world of organized fun with's set features.

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