Unleashing Speed: The Top 10 Quick Looping Servants in Fate/Grand Order

Unleashing Speed: The Top 10 Quick Looping Servants in Fate/Grand Order

In Fate/Grand Order, efficiency and speed are key to achieving victory in battles. Quick looping servants excel in quickly generating their Noble Phantasms and unleashing devastating attacks. In this article, we will delve into the world of Fate/Grand Order and explore the top 10 quick looping servants that every master should consider. From their noble phantasms to unique abilities, these servants will help you dominate the battlefield with their lightning-fast speed and relentless power.

Unleashing Speed: The Top 10 Quick Looping Servants in Fate/Grand Order
Quick Looping Servants in Fate/Grand Order

Servant A - Quick Looping Specialist:

Servant A stands out as a master of quick looping, with exceptional quick card performance and NP gain. Their noble phantasm charges swiftly, allowing for repeated activations, making them a force to be reckoned with.

Servant B - Unparalleled Agility:

With lightning-fast reflexes and exceptional quick card effectiveness, Servant B is a prime example of a quick looping servant. Their ability to generate critical stars and quickly fill their NP gauge sets them apart from the rest.

Servant C - Swift and Deadly:

Servant C boasts incredible NP gain and quick card performance, enabling them to loop their noble phantasm multiple times in a single turn. Their devastating attacks leave opponents in awe of their incredible speed and power.

Servant D - The Speedster Extraordinaire:

Known for their unmatched speed, Servant D is a true quick looping marvel. Their unique skills and noble phantasm synergize perfectly, allowing for rapid NP generation and consecutive activations.

Servant E - Quick Card Virtuoso:

Servant E's quick cards are a sight to behold. Their excellent hit counts and NP gain make them an ideal choice for quick looping strategies. With each attack, they edge closer to unleashing their noble phantasm.

Servant F - The Quick Combo Master:

Servant F possesses a versatile skill set that complements their quick card performance. By strategically combining their abilities, they achieve unparalleled quick looping potential, making them a formidable ally on the battlefield.

Servant G - Rapid NP Generation:

Servant G's innate ability to generate NP quickly is unmatched. With every turn, they inch closer to activating their noble phantasm, allowing for continuous onslaughts that keep enemies on the defensive.

Servant H - Quick NP Recharge:

Servant H's unique skills grant them the ability to rapidly recharge their NP gauge. This enables them to loop their noble phantasm effortlessly, providing sustained damage output that few can match.

Servant I - Swift Critical Hits:

With lightning-quick strikes and a penchant for critical hits, Servant I excels at quick looping strategies. Their quick cards generate an abundance of critical stars, ensuring devastating critical hits and rapid NP gain.

Servant J - The Quick Artillery:

Servant J possesses a deadly combination of quick card effectiveness and NP gain. Their quick looping capabilities, combined with their high damage output, make them a top choice for any master seeking victory through speed.


Mastering the art of quick looping in Fate/Grand Order is a game-changer on the battlefield. These top 10 quick looping servants offer unparalleled speed, relentless power, and the ability to dominate opponents with their swift and devastating attacks. By harnessing their unique abilities and unleashing their noble phantasms, victory is within your grasp. Embrace the lightning-fast pace and let these extraordinary servants guide you to triumph.

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