what is a non-fungible token, and how to make money with NFT?

What is a non-fungible token, and how to make money with NFT?

NFT today is a fairly popular topic for making money, so many media personalities around the world sooner or later release their non-fungible tokens.

So they not only attract the attention of the public and fans but can also make big profits - it all depends on how the auction goes in the future.

However, many ordinary users still do not know what NFT is, and whether it is possible to earn at least some money on NFT. Let's take a look at what non-fungible tokens are and how they can be used.
what is a non-fungible token, and how to make money with NFT?

What is a non-fungible token, NFT and how do they work?

NFTs are not fungible tokens. Fungibility refers to assets of the same kind that can be exchanged with each other. Bitcoins, for example, are fungible, users can exchange one Bitcoin for another, and it will be exactly the same asset, no different.

Because NFTs are not fungible, each token is unique and cannot be replicated. Because of this distinctive characteristic, NFTs are represented as tokens on the blockchain representing the digital property. The property record is unable to be changed because its presence is recorded on the blockchain.

NFTs are pieces of blockchain information that are presented in an interactive, visual format. In terms of ownership, if you purchase an NFT early, that asset will be limited and only available to whoever is the owner. It is this scarcity that Donaraski says is what allows the value of NFTs to rise over time.

NFT management is similar to cryptocurrency management, all the necessary actions can be performed in a mobile application or a web application.

With easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN), Binance, and FTX can all be executed using a mobile device, but this may leave your tokens open to theft or hacking.

Experts say that one of the most important aspects of NFT governance is to ensure the security of such tokens. Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are stored in wallets. Inside the wallet, there is a unique link that allows you to display content or make transactions with it. You can move NFTs from a particular market to a different one as long as they are on the same blockchain and accept that type of NFT.

NFTs can be stored or accessed through a digital or hardware wallet. This is the place where users can store, receive and buy their NFTs. Digital or online wallets are protected by a long password or passphrase. This is the private key that is used to authorize transactions. This is the normal way for storing NFTs, but it can be open to hacking.

Password management is paramount, the private key is your master password, it should be considered as important as your birth certificate or passport because if someone gets access to the private key, they will have access to everything in the wallet.

Ways to make money on NFTs

So, what NFT tokens are, at this point in the article should be approximately clear, now let's get down to the most important thing - an analysis of the main methods that allow you to make money on non-fungible tokens.

In fact, NFTs can fetch huge sums of millions and tens of millions, such as the collection of 5,000 "Every Day" drawings that was sold for nearly $70 million. The main thing is to get on the wave of hype and “jump into the right car”.

NFT Airdrops

This is the first way to make money from NFTs in 2022 and will work well for those who don't mind some investment in NFTs. Many projects based on the work of the NFT are trying to attract public attention and get new investors.

About earning on airdrops

To this end, they give away a certain number of tokens for free, but only to those who agree to become an investor. If you want to invest in NFTs and get more than what you paid for, just choose one of these projects and become a holder of its tokens.

For example, the owners of a number of such NFTs as "bored monkeys" were able to receive special "sera" from the Bored Apes project, with the help of which monkeys became unique mutants, and from this, they significantly increased in price.
Soon, a purchase offer was put up on the market for each owner of such a mutated monkey - they were ready to buy it for 269 ETH, which at that time was at least 900 thousand dollars.

There are also NFT giveaways from platforms - blockchain-based trading platforms, which in this way encourage their loyal users who have been working with them for a long time.

This usually works for those users who started working with the site immediately after its launch, supported the new platform, and became one of the first to start buying, selling, or creating NFTs on the site.

Demand for NFTs continues to grow, so new platforms are popping up more frequently. And this is great news for those who do not want to miss their chance. In this case, it is worth periodically monitoring the market for the appearance of a new player in order to have time to participate in the life of the platform as early as possible, in the forefront.

The category of giveaways also includes such airdrops, where absolutely everyone can receive NFTs, regardless of the status, the number of NFTs in possession, or other conditions.

Free NFTs are usually given away by new projects that want to draw attention to themselves in this way. Usually, NFTs, are asked to subscribe to Twitter or be added to the discord of this project.

One of the most striking examples of such a free distribution was The CryptoPunks project, which distributed 5,000 NFTs in 2017 just for paying for the minting of these tokens (in fact, the cost of the object). Now the tokens of this project are worth from 100 thousand to 90.5 million dollars.

Creating your own NFT token

As an option for earning money for experienced users, you can offer to develop your own non-fungible token. This is a very popular topic right now, so the number of new NFTs that appear every day is literally growing exponentially.

However, not every token will make an investor want to buy it, so it is worth considering every step in implementing this idea and enlisting the support of professionals.

NFT games as a way to earn money
With the help of such game projects, you can not only have a good time in the virtual space but also make a profit. In such games, an internal ecosystem has been created and great attention has been paid to the structure of the game economy.

Thanks to the blockchain technology behind such projects and the enthusiasm of the developers, it is possible to play, win and receive internal game tokens, which are essentially unique items. In the future, these NFTs are quite easy to bring to the secondary market and sell to other players.

The most popular game with this approach is Axie Infinity. In this project, many users already have a stable income, and many have received simply fabulous amounts due to their enterprise, game mechanics, and luck.

For example, Twitter periodically posts about how the next player - this game or any other - made millions on the NFT.

NFT trading

Another popular way to make money is on non-fungible tokens. The principle is simple, as in any other trading - buy a token as cheaply as possible and then sell it as expensive as possible.

All trading operations are promoted on marketplaces. Despite the simplicity of this technique, a trader must have an analytical mind and be able to study and analyze opportunities and demand, probe the market and a potential client, so as not to get stuck with purchased tokens for a long time.


For those who do not have the unique skills of a merchant and doubt their ability to sell anything, there is a passive method of earning - staking. It consists in investing in a valuable NFT and using it as an object for investment.

For the blockchain platform, this guarantees its performance, for investors - receiving a well-deserved percentage of the use of deposits. To profitably invest in your NFTs, you also need to study the market, consider the offers of blockchain platforms and take risks. The reward for this will be passive income. NFTs will not lie idle, but will methodically bring money to their owner.

Each of the considered methods allows you to earn good money on NFT pictures. In this area, there is work for both digital artists and an analyst, investors, traders, and even a gamer.

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